Each venue presents unique challenges. It’s critical that you perform a site survey to understand what hardware is going to be appropriate, but also to see what infrastructure is already available and inbuilt. If you plan to use SMS/MMS then mobile network coverage in that area needs to be tested. Ideally check what signal is available on EE, O2, Vodafone and Three. Check that the same coverage available throughout the whole venue, especially in areas you plan to host attendees.

Internet connectivity

Providing WiFi to your attendees is recommended to ensure involvement, but saturation of this connection can happen quickly, which is why we recommend running ThinkWall from its own connection. The absolute ideal would be a wired, 1 Mbit or greater connection. Although ThinkWall is designed to cope with slow or intermittent connections, we think it's best to plan ahead.

Many venues claim to have free WiFi, but use cheap consumer grade hardware which can only support a small number of connected devices. WiFi at venues like hotels commonly has a login gateway with a session expiry time - the laptop will be forced to log back in after so many minutes/hours. You will lose connectivity and it may take over the screen with an alert.

If using a 3G Internet connection, also take into account that when your attendees arrive, this can cause saturation of the mobile networks. What works in setup may not be an effective solution when people arrive.


The ThinkWall display is an app written to run inside Google Chrome only. Ideally you need a PC / Mac which is dual core and has at least 4GB RAM. The use of lesser machines can work, just be sure to test any video content plays at a good quality before the event.

Please ensure that all power save modes, screensavers, sleep timers, and popup alerts (antivirus notifications, Java updates etc) are disabled. This laptop will be connecting to your screen or projector, so be sure that it has the necessary outputs (VGA, DVI, or HDMI) and adapters (power, display output converters). To receive new content it will need to be connected to the Internet, so ensure the laptop has the necessary wired / wireless network adapters and cabling.

Screen or projector

Once your laptop is connected to the Internet and the ThinkWall software is running, you can connect this to any screen or projector you want to use. This will depend on what hardware is appropriate for your venue. Ask the ThinkWall team and they will ensure that all the display content has been designed and scaled to fit whatever aspect ratio and resolution you wish to utilise with the hardware.

If you’re struggling to make the image look right on screen, perhaps because the laptop isn't able to output the correct aspect ratio, then get in touch with support as there are options for scaling, stretching and zooming the image from within ThinkWall.

Web browser on another device

The ThinkWall control panel can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or laptop, using the web browser. It is optimised for use on touch devices so moderating tweets or updating the announcement schedule is easy to do on the move. This device needs internet connectivity.