The ThinkWall team works for and alongside some of the world's biggest and best known brands. Over time, we have developed a technology toolkit and a series of strategies, templates, tactics and experiences; all of which make our services and staff valuable resources to consistently meet objectives.

We believe that audience interaction and engagement, notably the implementation of event technologies and organisation of social media activities, should never be an afterthought. For ThinkWall to be most effective it is best to get us involved with your event at its earliest stages.

Campaign Strategy

Whether you want to display or gather information at an event, picking the right interaction and engagement strategy is key to achieving the best possible impact.

Social media should fit seamlessly into your event, such that there's a consistent experience and quality of service through pre-event communications, onsite activities, and post-event follow up.

Our team has a wealth of experience setting strategy and designing the marketing and engagement aspects of a campaign to meet client objectives.

Event Technology Training

Teams of all sizes can benefit from training with one of our ThinkWall consultants to learn the best ways to use technology at events to achieve the maximum exposure and interaction possible.

Our training not only suggests what to do but how and why. We offer detailed explanations and examples, illustrating why social media and digital content matters and how engagement makes an impact whilst increasing efficacy and efficiency of an event.

Creative Services

Designs created to customise ThinkWall products will have familiarised our designers with your brand guidelines and assets - why not also ask us to create additional promotional materials for you? We can design and create for online, screen and printed use.

Copy for digital signage and social media needs to be concise and to the point, conveyed with the right tone. Our copywriters will make sure your announcement schedule and any digital signage is up to scratch, as well as any outbound social media content.

Videographers and photographers can attend to ensure there’s evidence of your events success, whether you want your event captured or streamed. Our editors can produce professional videos for use before, during and after the event.

Onsite Support Staff

Many clients choose to have ThinkWall staff onsite in addition to the remote support included as standard with each of our products.

On top of setting up, configuring and controlling ThinkWall, our staff are experienced in the technical and social aspects of your event, ready to help wherever it's needed.

Working alongside your AV crew and marketing team, we will make sure everything is working correctly, aid with moderation as well as respond to incoming messages and keep you abreast of any reported issues.

Staff are also available to remotely moderate, in any timezone, should you not have the spare resources to do so.