ThinkWall is a powerful software suite that can be used all, or in part, as a Twitter Wall, Instagram Wall, SMS/MMS Wall or as a full Digital Signage solution. ThinkWall has an excellent Q&A Session app as well as multiple choice Voting, Text to Donate and being developed in house, we can integrate any number of custom feeds and visualizations. Get an idea of our feature set below and take a look at our ThinkWall suitability table to see why we have the right software to meet your objectives.

Suitable for...

Conference Create buzz and increase interaction
Trade Show Multi-zoned content scheduler for advertising and announcements
Annual General Meeting Confidential audience feedback and interaction
Festival Capture atmosphere, optimized for large screens
Office Installation Updates for staff, and tracking brand mentions
Restaurant Make foodies happy with Instagram, promote special offers
Retail Showcase customer endorsements of your products
Wedding Elegant design, shared experience
Fundraising Text to donate, raise awareness

Design that Dazzles

We work closely with our clients, respecting any brand guidelines and fully utilising design assets to create a branded ThinkWall that will seamlessly fit into your desired environment. All aspects can be customised including the live content display, digital signage, and mobile web apps.

Launch and Leave

ThinkWall has a control panel which is entirely decoupled from the displays so you’ll never need to physically touch your display machines once they are running. Just launch and leave.

Each ThinkWall display is powered by a laptop running Google Chrome (see full technical requirements). Set it up, close the lid and have our robust platform do the rest of the work. Our software can compensate for common AV faults such as squashed screens (incorrect aspect ratios) and clipped edges (overscan).

Displays can then be configured and controlled from any web browser on a laptop, tablet or more typically, smartphone. Our interface is designed to be simple, speedy and as compatible as possible. Changes are immediately applied offering total control over screens around even the largest venue.

Robust and Error Free

ThinkWall was built from the ground up to function reliably with poor or completely disconnected Internet connections. The robust nature of our software platform is one of many reasons big brands trust ThinkWall with their campaigns.

Viewers of our giant screens will never see any error messages or half loaded images. If something is going wrong behind the scenes, none of the audience will be any the wiser. You can keep an eye on the status of your walls from the control panel and take care of any issues before anyone notices.

Search more than Twitter

We always recommend promoting a single #hashtag but people sometimes guess and conversation can get scattered. ThinkWall allows you to search Twitter and Instagram for as many terms as you like, treating them as a grouped search, bringing everything into one location.

ThinkWall will automatically analyse the content of tweets, extracting photos from almost all image sharing services, such as Flickr, Facebook and Imgur to name a few. All data is stored on our servers, so you’re never at the mercy of unreliable APIs and file stores.

All content is stored with moderation data and any tagging metadata. After the event or campaign, ThinkWall can export all the data for analysis.

SMS isn't Dead

Interaction and engagement is an objective which can still be met with privacy and discretion at its core. For events featuring sensitive or confidential content, it is not appropriate to host discussions with an audience on social media platforms. Another channel is needed to keep a closed loop.

This is where SMS and MMS can prove useful, working alongside or instead of Twitter and Instagram. SMS and MMS are accessible to all mobile phone owners, not to mention extremely familiar to most. ThinkWall offers all the same functionality for hosting live discussions at an event as would be possible through social media, but using a standard rate mobile phone number in place of a hashtag.

A premium rate short number can also be provided. A keyword can be used to separate discussion threads, or perhaps offer different donation amounts when fundraising at a charity event.

Filtering and Moderation

Allowing comments to be shown on screen is essentially your endorsement of what is being said - so moderation is a topic to be taken seriously. For those that prefer a lighter touch, ThinkWall has a number of automated filters for removing, for example, profanity and specific keywords.

As standard, all duplicated content such as ReTweets, or photos that have perhaps been posted across multiple networks, or borrowed by another user, will be removed. Additionally ThinkWall will automatically remove from sight anything meant as direct communication between two attendees (replies) and links to your event registration page or blog posts.

From the moderation inbox, you can reject specific content and ban offending users, with a simple to use interface. There are keyboard shortcuts to make it quick for laptop users, then touch screen gestures and well placed buttons for those on mobile phones and tablets.

Keeping tone entirely positive requires absolute control of what goes on screens. Manually checking and approving each tweet or text is the only path to this, so you can stop the bad seeds before they grow. Automatic approval can be granted to specific user accounts to reduce the volume of content in need of moderation and speed up the process.

Moderation can be done remotely or on site, by multiple people simultaneously. Provide the ThinkWall team with a brief and our staff can take care of content moderation on your behalf.

Better Q&A

Chaired panel sessions are a popular feature at conferences, yet collecting and filtering through audience questions can prove challenging. Put a stop to the cumbersome and awkward process of passing around a microphone to audience members and instead embrace submissions via ThinkWall.

Questions can be submitted via the event hashtag or using a dedicated SMS number. These are collected in ThinkWall’s moderation inbox for approval and tagging of appropriate questions. When ready, the chairperson can simply “stick” or freeze the question on screen, so that everyone knows what question is currently being answered.

Real-time Voting

The Internet and Reality TV has made everyone used to the idea of instantly voting, and your event should be no different. Using either SMS or our web application, you can quickly collect audience votes.

Either display these results on screen in real-time, for an exciting live voting experience, or collect these results for analysis at a later date. You can pre-program as many multiple choice questions as you like, or do them on the fly as a snapshot straw poll.

Schedule more than Social

We know that you want to do more than promote social media using your screens, which is why ThinkWall has a content scheduler. Using this you can display full screen text announcements, word clouds, HD video and image slideshows or adverts, to name a few.

These could be displayed at a specific time, at repeating intervals or quite simply, now!

For complex, multi-zoned schedules commonly seen at large exhibitions and trade shows, we support the use of a spreadsheet to make adjustments easier.

Made in London

We can’t write about everything our software does, so if you have specific requirements, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss it. Remember that all of our software is crafted in house from our London office, so if we don’t do it yet - we can usually make it happen in time for your event. We frequently work with custom data sources and provide bespoke visualizations.